School Psychology Department News

Pych news The School Psychology Department worked hard this school year to safely serve students in Carlisle Local, Wayne Local, Kings Local, Little Miami Local, and GOVS.  The staff of fifteen psychologists and one school psychology intern worked with students who ranged in age from almost three to twenty-two years old and who were served in a variety of programming both virtually and in person. 

The department theme this past year was “Spreading Seeds of Kindness-Compassion-Grace-Love and Joy”.  The school psychologists started off on Opening Day with Eric Carle’s book “The Tiny Seed” and discussed how the journey of the tiny seed as well as the other seeds cast out on to land reflect the work they do out in the districts and individually with the students. The theme of the book is about perseverance, but it is also a study in hope and to keep going and not be discouraged by the things that don't go the way one thinks they should. After this discussion, each psychologist was challenged with the task of spreading kindness to others.  Suggestions were given, but everyone was encouraged to spread kindness in any way that they saw fit.  These acts were written up on Kindness slips and displayed at WCESC main office (see below).  The office staff were also encouraged to take a kindness slip and join in.  Some of the examples included thanking a colleague for their help, checking in on a neighbor, bringing someone coffee, giving a stranger their umbrella, helping someone load groceries, and starting and ending a meeting on time.  “No Act of Kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted” -Aesop 


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