bulletinIn effort to create communication and engagement opportunities for students at our Western Row location, our Social Communication SLPs have collaborated to create an interactive bulletin board which encourages students to participate in additional opportunities to develop language and communication skills. 

The interactive board, located near the front entrance, is divided into two sections: the first section is set up like an "I Spy" game. Three or four “core” vocabulary words have been highlighted to describe an object on the board. Students use the clues to determine what the object is. For example, if the words: play, go, fast, ride are highlighted, the object that is being described is the car.   

The second section is a question of the month. Students are provided a question and “fringe” vocabulary to give them options. Students may refer back to the core board to help them construct a full sentence. For example, the question this month is “what is a food you like?" Students can respond verbally, using the core board, or their personal communication device with "I like to eat ___". Students are then encouraged to ask a teacher or staff member the same question to work on building conversational skills.  

As we start this school year, remember that modeling and multiple opportunities to practice are some of the best tools we can use to support our students' communication growth. Thank you to Laura Raphael, Kelly Reynolds, and McKenzie Wills for a job well done!! 

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