Transition Living Classroom





Transition Living Classrooms will actively collaborate with students, families, and multi-agencies through individualized student based planning and is located at 581 North St. Waynesville, OH 45068.

TLC believes all individuals with disabilities have the right and capacity to pursue vocational opportunities and develop living skills that will promote independence and participation as contributing citizens of their community.
To learn more about the Transition Living Classrooms please contact:

Amanda Pennix, 
Phone:  513-695-2900, ext. 2951

Program Characteristics

Transition Living Classrooms (TLC) serve students with developmental disabilities who have met the requirements for high school graduation, but the IEP team has determined that they would benefit from additional education as they transition to adult services. Located on the Quaker Heights Campus in Waynesville, the program is community-based allowing the interns to develop and practice employability skills at supported work sites, while also de-veloping independent living skills in fully-equipped apartments.

Skill development supported through Transition programming include:

  • Independent Living
    • Maintaining an apartment
    • Meal preparation
    • Money Management
    • Time Management
    • Self-management/self-determination
    • Wellness

  • Vocational
    • Access to job application, training, and work experience
    • Job retention skills
    • Technology skills


Transition Living Classrooms are staff supported with a Special Edu-cation Director, Program Supervisor, Intervention Specialist/Program Coordinator and Job Coaches. Our programming embraces a student-centered philosophy, which emphasizes individuality, personal choice, inclusion and integration with a focus on employment and life skill development.