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School Psychology

Dr. Kathie MacNeil, Supervisor of School Psychology

Supervises school psychologists and interns

Provides consultation regarding due process, ethics procedures, organizational and systems development

Develops continuing education programs School psychologists provide a broad range of services in supporting families, schools, and communities in meeting the academic and mental health needs of students.  Some of the most common services are:

  • Evaluation of academic and social-emotional needs of students for intervention planning.
  • Collaboration in the development of both prevention and intervention programs that meet the specialized needs of students.
  • Teaching effective coping and problem-solving skills through individual and small group counseling.

Through consultation with and training of parents, teachers, and other professionals, school psychologists advocate sound educational practices for all students.

School psychologists also:

  • Participate in appropriate assessment and intervention activities for selected non-disabled students (e.g., proficiency, curriculum-based, early entrance, gifted, at-risk, prevention).
  • Demonstrate accountability for services with documentation that reveals improvement in student learning and behavior.
  • Integrate into multifactored evaluation reports effective assessment and intervention strategies that lead to improved outcomes and meet the diverse needs of students.